baker tent   Baker Tent A popular tent among the traders of yesterday and today. deluxe storageDeluxe Storage
A very livable tent that provides plenty of room for food, camping gear, a sleeping area, and even a stove if desired.
diamond shelterDiamond Shelter The most versatile piece of canvas one could have in camp. The only limit of this shelter is your own imagination. storage tentStorage Tent An essential part of a functional kitchen and dining area.
dining flyDining Fly Dining flies make a great addition to any camp. They help keep everything in the shade or out of the rain. queen's bluffQueen's Bluff This has proven to be a very popular item. The Queen's bluff is a very versatile tent, and very easy to setup.
gable marqueeGable Roof Marquee Tent A large tent that can meet almost any need. hip marqueeHip Roof Marquee Tent A large tent that can meet almost any need.
pole marqueeCenter Pole Marquee Tent A large tent that can meet almost any need. pyramidPyramid Tent A popular tent designed after the range tipi.
mod pyramidModified Pyramid Tent This tent uses the very same front and back as the regular pyramid tent, but is much larger. wall tentWall Tent Around for centuries, these tents are great for a large variety of needs.
wedge tentWedge Tent An easy tent to set up, this tent was very popular during the late 1700s through the 1800s. tipiTipis The best quality tipi available. Our tipis are built to outlast other tipis and come with our unbeatable guarantee.
officer's tentOfficer's Tent A touch of class that stands out in any setting. kids tipi smlKids Tipis Kids Tipis can be used for indoor or outdoor use.
sw dining flySloping Wall Dining Fly A Dining Fly with slopeing walls to give you that extra storage room.    
open stoveExtra Space tent stovesTent Stoves Great for tents with a stove insert. These stoves last a lifetime.
canvasCanvas by
the Yard
Two types to choose from,
Regular or Treated Canvas.
Accessories Rope, Tent Stake Kits, Stake Pullers, Storage Bags
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