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Key Features - The Red Hawk Difference
These are the finest built tent stoves we've seen on the market. The construction is 1/8th inch steel. All components will fit inside the stove.
Stove construction
A. Stove pipe hole offset to one side allowing more room for cooking. Hole is recessed so top of stove is flat for packing.
B. "D" ring loops underneath each corner of top for tying stove down while packing.
C. All Cylinder Stoves are painted with high temperature black stove paint.
D. Damper baffle plate on inside of door prevents "puffing" and keeps sparks from popping out through damper holes.
E. Wire handle allows you to open and close latch without burning your fingers. Slide damper can also be opened or closed by using the wire handle.
F. Latch is simple, draw bar type, where you lift up to unhook it. There is a hole in the hook so you can tie latch shut for transportation.
G. 1/2" threaded pipe legs screw into couplers which are welded to stove for a sturdy fit. To level stove on a dirt surface, simply push down on the high side until it is level. For hard surfaces, or in tent, tighten or loosen legs to level stove.
H. All Cylinder Stoves have fittings on both sides of top for attaching warming tray and hot water heater.
Outfitter Model Stove:
The Camp Cook's Favorite. Perfect for base camp and extra cold conditions.
Hunter Model Stove:
Our most popular stove-just the right size, weight and heat output for the average camp.
Scout Model Stove:
Ideal for pyramid tents or small wall tents where space is limited.

*NOTE* - Stove comes with 12" legs only, all other accessories must be ordered separately. You may order the complete stove package which includes all of the needed stove accessories.
  Surface Size Stove Only Nesting Stove Pipe Stove Pipe Damper Spark Arrestor Water Heater Warming Tray Grate Complete Package
Outfitter   16" X 28"   $338 $48 $10 $10 $105 $26 $29 $513
Hunter 14" X 24" $285 $48 $10 $10 $95 $25 $27 $452
Scout 16" X 10.5" $243 $48 $10 $10 $85 $22 $23 $398
Complete Package includes stove, stove pipe, stove pipe damper, spark arrestor, water heater, warming tray, and grate.
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