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Key Features - The Red Hawk Difference
Tipi Cover: All Tipi seams are sewn together using a 3/4" flat felled locking seam. Double needles are used to ensure straight and strong seams. We will never cross seam canvas. The smoke flaps are reinforced with a ¾" cotton webbing around the entire edge. The lifting pole patch is then sewn over webbing. The lifting pole patch is triple thick and sewn to the cover. The patch is triangular and extends down into the cover to prevent wear and spread out the weight of the cover thus eliminating the stress in that area. Double ties are added to the lifting pole patch to tie to the pole. The Smoke Flap pockets are double thick canvas and heavily sewn. The lacing pin strip is triple thick and glued with a sealing, non-coloring, non-bleeding glue and then sewn. The entrance is oval shaped and has a double thick wear strip around the entire opening to prevent wear. All stress points are heavily reinforced with patches or with cotton webbing. The bottom of the tipi is hemmed and a ¾" webbing is added to increase the strength of the hem.

Tipi Liner: All Tipi liners are one-piece liners. All seams are serged together to prevent fraying. Liners are 6 ft. vertical height, with a 1 ft. sod cloth. (Liners made out of treated material will be 1 ft. shorter). Liners are designed so that all the material is under the tipi cover. This protects the liner when rain drips off the cover.

Tipi Door: The Tipi Door is double thick canvas with two loops sewn on the back side of the door. This allows the door to be rolled up and held by a lacing pin. It also has double ties at the bottom of the flap that can be tied to the poles. The door has room for two ½ inch dowels to be placed inside for stiffener sticks (not supplied)

If you prefer to set Tipi up using stake loops instead of marbles and tie downs on bottom of Tipi. Please specify when ordering. There is an additional charge of $4.00 for each reinforced loop.
Sunforger 13oz. Canvas
Our Sunforger is treated for all 3 problems.
It is Water Repellant, Mildew Resistant,
Flame Retardant ( Meets California Fire Code CPAI-84)
  12 ft. 14 ft. 16 ft. 18 ft. 20 ft. 22 ft. 24 ft.
Complete Package
With Poles
$1,678 $1,971 $2,334 $2,551 $2,835 $Call $Call
Complete Package
Without Poles
$1,208 $1,502 $1,682 $1,899 $2,177 $2,582 $2,965
Cover, Liner, &
Door with Bags
$1,113 $1,406 $1,576 $1,790 $2,055 $2,462 $2,845
Cover with Bag $681 $831 $952 $1,120 $1,346 $1,597 $1,887
Liner with Bag $372 $430 $585 $609 $652 $799 $893
Door with Bag $64 $64 $64 $64 $64 $64 $64
Stake Loops
$44 $53 $63 $72 $82 $91 $101

General Information on Tipis
  12 ft. 14 ft. 16 ft. 18 ft. 20 ft. 22 ft. 24 ft.
Poles Needed 14 14 17 17 20 20 20
# of People with
Fire and Gear
1 1 to 2 2 to 3 4 to 5 4 to 6 6 to 7 7 to 9
Diameter (front to
back from outside
11'6" 13'6" 15'6" 17'6" 19'6" 21'6" 23'6"
Diameter (side to
side from outside
10'6" 12'6" 14'6" 16'6" 18'6" 20'6" 22'6"
Complete Package Includes: cover with storage bag, liner with storage bag, door flap with storage bag, all ropes, marbles, and tie downs, lacing pins, center stakes, and perimeter stakes, with storage bag and instructions. Everything needed to set tipi up except Poles Call for Shipping Prices
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