Red Hawk Open-Top Stove
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Key Features - The Red Hawk Difference
This is a great stove for cooking and enjoying an open fire under a Dinning Fly tent, in a Tipi and all around camping. You can use either wood or briquettes. This is a well-constructed stove. It comes with a fire grate, a briquette grate, a two-piece cross arm to hang pots on, also a hanging pot holder that swings with two different height adjustments, a separate swinging pot holder for pots to sit on, plenty of places to hang your cooking tools and a side tray. Everything comes apart and fits in the burn chamber. There are handles on each side for easy transport. The bottom of the burn chamber is 12" from the ground, which is a requirement at all rendezvous and most camp sites. Stove weighs 68 lbs.

Some assembly is required. Tools needed for assembly: Two 7/16 wrenches to attach legs to burn chamber.
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Complete Package $318
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